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I'm Joe! I've built websites, now I'm learning SwiftUI. I'll mix design & code to create 🔥🔥🔥 stuff.

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I programmed this section to automatically aggregate sections of my website, my Twitter, and my Github, then sort them based on date. The most recent card is at the top left and they descend chronologically left to right, top to bottom.

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Fri Sep 17 13:45:40 +0000 2021

I designed components that were used to describe Invesco's QQQ

8/26/2021, 8:55:03 AM

Added more images to my 2021 inspiration board 💯

9/14/2021, 8:32:07 AM

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I’m a designer, web developer, and aspiring iOS developer living outside of Milwaukee, currently working at Crescendo Collective.

In 2013 while I was going to school I founded University Exchange. It was an exclusive classified ads site strictly for UWM students. Only students with a email address were allowed to access the site, which made for a safer and more secure experience. Starting from the ground up I designed and developed the website, branding materials, infographics, promotion materials, and much more.

After a great run, in 2015 I graduated 🎉🎓 from The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and ceased work on University Exchange to start as a Designer at DRK Creative and as a Web Developer at Doubleberry Interactive (Luckily they worked in the same building). We focused on designing and developing websites, mobile apps, and tradeshow materials amongst much more. While working at DRK, I learned how to develop mobile apps. That led to a Pokedex app, then a disc golf scorecard app in my spare time.

In the latter half of 2019, DRK merged with Gorilla Mill to become an in-house agency devoted to improving the Gorilla Mill brand. I decided it was time for a change too, and got a job as a Front-End Web Developer Intern at Crescendo Collective. I’ve since worked my way up (And parallel?) to become a Full-Time UX Designer, and am now currently under the title of Lead Designer here at Crescendo.

To contact me use the form in the footer. You can follow me on Twitter to see what other projects I’m working on when I’m not in the office.