The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Wine

July 1, 2018

Book Notes

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When I read a book I have the habit of highlighting certain passages I find interesting or useful. After I finish the book I’ll type up those passages and put them into a note on my phone. I’ll keep them to comb through every so often so that I remember what that certain book was about. That’s what these are. So if I ever end up lending you a book, these are the sections that I’ve highlighted in that book. Enjoy!

Burgundy and Bordeaux are the top tier

Wine is the fermented juice of grapes or fruit

Three colors of wine, white, red, and rose

Better wines cost more because they are more expensive to make. Inexpensive wines cost so because the basic procedures in making a good wine are not expensive

Red wines should be served slightly below room temperature, white wines served chilled, but not over-chilled.

You can keep an open bottle of wine in the refrigerator for several weeks without losing much flavor

The aroma of wine can give you a good idea of it’s condition

Corks get crumbly and hard to open usually when wines are not stored on their side

80% of Wines are best enjoyed 2-3 years after bottling, most vintage wines aren’t any better quality

The ideal temperature to store wine at is 55 degrees

The 100-point system used by most wine publications and’t be reliable or statistically accurate, primarily because it’s based on the organoleptic evaluation of human tasters

Try to avoid house wines

Most restaurants gouge the consumer on wine prices. A fair price for a $6 retail bottle of wine is $12 in a restaurant. A fair price for a wine selling for $25 or more in a wine store is full retail price plus $5

You may be able to bring your own bottle into a restaurant by paying a corkage fee

You can take a bottle of wine home in Wisconsin. Assembly Bill 619 allows unfinished wine to be taken from restaurants if the cork is reinserted even with the top of the bottle and the cork is not reinserted between the hours of midnight and 6AM. (see note 2)

Beaujolais is a very good complement to egg dishes

Wine tastings can be vertical or horizontal. A vertical tasting is one that features several vintages of the same wine. A horizontal tasting features wines of s single vintage from several different properties usually of a similar type such as 1993 California Chardonnay

Keep your wine storage place dark, cool, humid, and between 50 and 70 degrees

Dry cheeses go very well with red wine. So does goat cheese

Smelly cheese overwhelms red wine

Salty cheeses, particularly blue-veined types, can overpower red wine. These are best served with a Port or similar wine.

Soft or double and triple cream cheese go well with a red wine like a Burgundy or a white wine like a Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio

Questions to Ask a wine merchandiser:

Rules for choosing your sequence of wines are as follows:

Guidelines to decide on a wine to serve with fish:

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