Bad Basketball

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Bad Basketball is a company I started up with my Uncle. The aim is to promote local basketball tournaments / trainers / clubs / events. To drive traffic to our site we post funny basketball clips and images on our social channels as well as our site. When tasked with the original goal to designs a logo, I stumbled upon something that was much more interesting than that. I ended up building out the entire site after designing it and then partnering up with my Uncle to see this one come to life. I now am a content creator for this company and we aim to bring great basketball content to our fans.

I’ve been modifying the design of the brand ever so slightly day by day and constantly thinking of new ways to improve the site. I’ve really enjoyed building upon a brand to improve it as time goes on and will continue to do so in the future. Check back on this one, I’ll be posting about it and more in the future!

Bad Basketball logo