Disc Golf Scorecard

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This one is was like 5 years in the making, now it’s finally done. Way back when I started creating concepts for this app I was still working at the UWM App Brewery, not knowing the first thing about programming. I was just a designer that wanted to learn more about how apps are developed so that I could better design my UI/UX, creating an overall better experience for the user. I first created this app after I learned the ins and outs of a program called Titanium (now Appcelerator) and got close to the end but ran into a major roadblock when developing the main scorecard screen. Needless to say, I pushed it aside and always said I’ll come back to it later. 3 years later and I had the time and knowledge to do so but after opening the project back up I realized the mess of code I created could not be salvaged. Oh well. time to move on. I still wanted this app created though, I had gotten so close and could almost see the end. So I decided it was time to learn swift. I started completely over, which actually gave me a chance to refresh the original app designs I created in Photoshop years ago. Whenever I had the time in between work and whatever else was going on I sank a couple of hours into this project. And now it’s published in the Apple App Store, free to download. Now I am by no means an expert developer now and have plenty to learn so if you do download the app and run into any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out via joek@drkcreative.com. I’m excited to get this out there and hopefully, it can serve as a useful tool for anybody that enjoys Disc Golf. I decided to keep in some of the old mockups and designs just for kicks and to show a little bit of my long process. For a full description of the app, here’s what I submitted along with the App to the store:

Keep track of a Disc Golf game without any hassle or finicky options. This is a basic scorecard app for a casual round of Disc Golf, designed to let you focus on the game and not get in the way. It gives you the ability to log the course name, player names, and play style, or if you just want to jump into a game you can skip all that and get right to it. This app goes hole-by-hole along with you, with the ability to view the full scorecard at any point in the round. Have fun with it, and be excellent to each other on the course!

Download the app here!

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