Figure of Speech Poster

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This poster’s goal was to either teach something or communicate a thought-provoking message that evokes feelings or actions for the reader. In either instance, the content could be politically, socially, environmentally, culturally, or economically motivated.

The headline “Godspeed” does three things – one, it is wishing the shuttle a safe and hopefully successful flight. Two, it is almost being sarcastic by whishing a measly “Good Luck” to this highly complicated and nearly impossible mission. Lastly, it is actually a play on words of the picture itself showing both “God” as the light coming from the heavens & “Speed” as the incredibly fast space shuttle liftoff.

While the original meaning of the word still stands true, it also gives a second meaning – a more literal meaning. Combining images of actual representations of ‘God’ & ‘Speed’ makes for a deeper thought than just what appears at the surface. And when thinking about it this way, viewers tend to take the picture differently as well. Why would such a serious and powerful picture have a rather simplistic meaning to it?

godpseed poster space shuttle godpseed poster space shuttle godpseed poster space shuttle