Pokédex App

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I made a Pokédex! Well, I made an iPhone app that functions as a Pokédex, but still, it’s pretty awesome. With Titanium Studio & Photoshop I worked through both the design and the development from start to finish. When the app is opened you can swipe the screen to open up the Pokédex and get a randomly selected Pokémon out the original 151 (Cause childhood) while Siri spits out the description and screen displays the name and an image of the selected Pokémon. From there you can either tap on more info to get a detailed rundown of the Pokémon including height, weight, type and more or you can swipe to close the Pokédex and try again to get a different Pokémon! I replicated the design of the Pokédex as closely as possible by getting stills from the original TV series for a truly nostalgic experience.

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